Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Dry Hydrangeas

I think I've mentioned before how much I love hydrangeas! When they're in bloom, I cut as many as I can for inside the house and love having beautiful fresh flowers around. Hydrangeas are also one of the few flowers that I think look really pretty dried as well as freshly cut, so when ours reached the end of the season, I decided to try my hand at drying them.

Drying hydrangeas is very easy, but having them turn out well seems to be mostly dependent on when you cut them. I waited until the blooms were already drying on the bush- the flowers were starting to get slightly brittle and no longer wilted in the heat of the afternoon. Then, I just cut them, cut the stems on an angle, and tried two different methods. For some of the flowers, I put them in containers with the stems in about 1" of water; for the rest, I just put them in containers without any water. Both ways seemed to work equally well, so I'll probably just do the dry method next time.  The flowers were completely dry in about 2 weeks. The nice thing is that we got to enjoy them around the house while they were drying, and hopefully they will hold up so I can have flowers throughout the house for the fall!

I dried a lot of hydrangeas, so they are everywhere in our house!


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  1. Love hydrangeas! I dried lots of them last year, wanting to make wreaths and all kinds of stuff, but haven't used them at all. What a shame! I should definitely use them differently this year :-)