Monday, July 22, 2013

No-Sew Play Canopy

This pretty play canopy that I made for Allie's room is one of my favorite projects that I have done in a while! It was simple to make, and I think it adds a really fun and girly touch to her room.
I was inspired by all the cool play tents that I've seen on Pinterest: since the rocker in Allie's room will be moving into her baby sister's nursery soon, I wanted to create a cozy place for reading, cuddling, hiding out, and playing. I found several pretty tents from Pottery Barn Kids or Restoration Hardware, but the prices were STEEP! So this seemed like a good project to DIY.  The best part is that my play canopy only cost around $25 to make!
 I will share a tutorial for how I made her canopy, although I kind of improvised as I went along. I started with this awesome tutorial from How She Does It, which is much more helpful than mine! I made 2 changes: I painted my embroidery hoop first, and I used one of the curtain panels to make a roof for the canopy. 

No-Sew Play Canopy Tutorial

Large embroidery hoop (23")
White paint and brush
3 packages of Ikea Lill curtains
White ribbon (length depends on height of your ceiling)
Ceiling hook
1. Paint your embroidery hoop white.
2. You should have 6 curtain panels in all- you need to save 1 for the "roof" of your canopy. Thread the other 5 panels onto the outer part of the embroidery hoop. I wrapped a plastic baggie around the edge of the hoop to keep the curtains from snagging.
Since I wanted an opening in the center of the tent, I cut the fifth panel in half, so there are 2.5 panels on each side of the hoop (make sense? I hope!).

3. Now you will make the "roof" of the canopy. Take the last curtain panel and thread about 1 yard of white ribbon through. Pull the edges together and tie the ribbon, so it forms a circle like this:

4. Lay your outer hoop on the floor. Lay the "roof" panel on top, centered. Place the inner hoop on top of everything (the long parts of the roof panel should be laying over the other panels). Tighten the screw on the outer hoop. You may need loosen and adjust the roof panel so that the canopy hangs evenly.

5. To hang your canopy, you will need to place a hook in the ceiling.
To make the ribbon hanger, cut a small hole in the curtain panel opposite the knot in the ribbon and thread the ribbon through. Your canopy should now be weighted evenly, and you can just tie the ends of the ribbon on the ceiling hook.

You're done!

I recently made a bunting for over Allie's crib and had some extra, so I couldn't resist adding it to her canopy.
With her pink chair and a box full of books, she has the perfect reading spot! Allie is in love with this tent and has already insisted on bedtime stories taking place here, instead of in the rocker. It's also a favorite spot to hide her dollies.

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