Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sentimental Shadowboxes

Back in early December, I added put together some shadowboxes for the upstairs of our house, and right around Valentine's Day seems like the perfect time to share them, since they represent the people I love most. I think these are a great way to display some special items that would otherwise be packed in a box somewhere, and I love having those daily reminders of those moments in our life.
The first shadowbox I made contains items from our wedding in June 2006. These things sadly sat in the attic for over 5 years, I like them much better like this! This shadowbox is on the wall over my bedside table.
I included a calligraphied invitation envelope (I had the calligrapher address one to me), the ceremony program, my bouquet, garter, the comb I wore in my hair, a pin from the back of my dress, and my grandma's handkerchief.

The shadowbox itself is from Michaels and I just lined the back with a linen fabric, then pinned everything in. I did have to remove some of the flowers from my bouquet to get it to fit.

This is the hallway wall right outside of Allie's room. Here, I just used a frame with the glass covered in fabric to serve as a "shadowbox". The beautiful little hat was a gift at my baby shower from my very talented friend! Allie wore this sweet hat in the hospital and then home from the hospital. It seems so tiny now. I also pinned her hospital bracelet underneath, and a framed photo of Allie, taken on the day she was born. It's one of my favorites.

These are in Allie's room- same idea of just using frames with fabric. These things are from her Baptism and her first Easter. The pink dress was my first Easter dress and Allie wore it as well.

These two frames contain gifts from family for Allie's Baptism. The top frame has a small, beautiful rosary from her great aunt, and the lower frame has two charms from her godparents and aunt and uncle. The little shell is engraved with her initials.

 I sometimes have trouble figuring out what to hang on the walls, and this was a great way to add something personal and use things we already had. I'm hoping to add some more shadowboxes to a long wall in our upstairs hallway, maybe for trips we taken and Allie's first birthday.

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