Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Allie's Pink First Birthday Party

 On January 31, our little girl turned 1! I can't believe that a whole year has passed already, and how much Allie has changed in that time. I was so excited to celebrate her birthday with our family and friends, and of course I had a lot of fun planning the party and making all the decorations. We ended up doing a few separate celebrations: we did a little party for our mom and baby friends here, then we did the family party at my parents' house in Dallas. I used the same decorations for both parties.
The theme was pink and more pink! I thought about doing something more elaborate and "kid" but I decided to wait until she's old enough to really enjoy it.

The food for her party was set up in the dining room.

I made a ton of tissue paper pom poms!

I added some different garlands to the buffet- one made of crumpled tissue paper, doily garlands, and garlands with tied pink and white ribbons.

Since her party was in the afternoon and was just moms and babies/toddlers, I kept the food really simple. I made these banana-applesauce cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and they were DELICIOUS. Allie's favorite thing to eat right now is fruit, so I cut up some different fruit and set that out in little candy cups.


I ordered Allie this birthday hat and bib from Etsy and she absolutely, flat-out refused to wear the hat. I don't have a single picture of her wearing it, only pictures of her angry and ripping it from her head. :(


I couldn't resist adding a few decorations in the family room too (since this is also our "playroom" we spent most of the party in here!).
This ombre number was one of my first ideas for the party. I was initially going to dye coffee filters in graduated shades of pink, but the project seemed so time-consuming I didn't go that route. I found a package of shades of pink tissue paper at Target, and just cut squares and crumpled them up onto the number. So much easier and I think it turned out really nicely.

I made a banner with all of Allie's month by month photos from the first year. It is so neat to see how much she has changed.

I added a few pom poms and this Valentine's mailbox in the entryway.

I will just share a few pictures from her family party as well (at my parents' house).
She is her daddy's daughter:
(And yes, I did match my outfit to the party decor.)

Allie with three of her four aunties....(notice that they match the theme too...and no, I didn't ask them to do that!)
I ordered the cake from Tart Bakery in Dallas and it was really fabulous. It was a strawberry cake with cream cheese and fresh strawberries in the middle and buttercream icing. Yummy.
Enjoying her birthday cake!
We had so much fun celebrating, and I'm already looking forward to her second birthday (have the whole theme down and mentally planned already). Not that this year needs to fly by, I can't even imagine having a two year old!

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  1. Precious! I love the ombre sign. That family picture is so cute!