Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Plans and Projects

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday, celebrating with family and friends. We had a wonderful time with my family, and then a very lazy week. Phil has been off work since the 21st, so we've had tons of family time to just relax. So blogging hasn't been on my agenda much. It was lovely to have a breather after all the whirlwind of decorating and entertaining for Christmas.

Now we're headed into 2013. After several rough years for us, 2012 brought many blessings to our family: Allie, two of my sisters' weddings, jobs, lots of family visits, new friends. I'm not sure what this next year will bring (well, a niece or nephew in July!!!), but I'm excited to find out.

I am a New Year's resolutions kind of person. I love the feeling of a fresh beginning, time ahead with lots of possibilities and adventures. I make and save a list of goals for the new year every January. Some of the goals aren't concrete, or won't ever really be finished. But I did complete some of last year's, like losing the baby weight. Some are a work in progress, such as praying more daily, and some were a complete and utter fail ("wash face and put on moisturizer every night before bed". Didn't happen.).

In the spirit of the new year, I wanted to share a few of my goals and projects that I'd like to complete in 2013.

1. Allie's First Birthday Party and First Year Book
This is the next project I'll be starting. Allie is turning one on January 31 (I can't believe how the last year has flown by!), and of couse we'll be celebrating. I decided that since she's so little, I'm going to keep her party really simple and easy. We're doing a pink and red Valentine's inspired theme since her party will be the first weekend in February, and I have a few crafts planned. I have also planned that instead of doing a traditional baby book for her, I'd like to do a photo book. I've written everything down and taken all the pictures, so next month I'll need to start working on it. Maybe I'll be done by her second birthday!

2. The Backyard

This is going to be our big project this year. The best part: we're getting a patio!! We have been wanting one since we moved in four years ago, so I'm really excited. We're not sure what material to go with yet- we're looking at pavers or stamped concrete- but we have some time to decide since obviously they won't be doing any of the work until this spring. I'd love to hear experiences with either! I also want to do something with the flower bed in the picture above- it's right next to where the patio will go and for now it has nothing in it but mulch. I'm thinking maybe vegetables and herbs this summer. We'll see.

3. Family Room Bookshelves

One project on the list for this year is to finish these bookshelves in our family room. We had originally planned to do an Ikea hack to make them look like built-ins by adding molding, like Censational Girl did here, but we never got around to the finishing when we added them in July. I think Phil was just so sick of them after assembling 8 Ikea Billy bookcases, but I hoping I can gently encourage (ha) him to complete it this year.

4. Update Lighting
This is a project that will probably not get finished this year, but I'd like to get started. We bought our house from a flipper who had remodeled everything, most of which I loved but there are a few areas that were done pretty cheaply and generically, like the lighting. These awful lights in the bathroom need to go! I'd also like to replace the ceiling fixtures in the downstairs powder room and entryway and the upstairs hallway.

5. Freshen Up Spaces

There a few somewhat neglected areas in our house that need a little lift. There are things I love in our master bedroom, but it's a little dark and the walls are a bit bare and blah, so I would like to change out the art and maybe swap out some of the bedding. I am also planning to do something new on the walls in the upstairs hallway, and maybe switch some things around in the guest room.

6. Recipe Organization

I have needed to do this for a long time: my recipes are scattered all over the place- stuck in cookbooks, on this blog, in magazines, etc. I would love to have everything in one spot and also have some kind of list of meal ideas to make planning easier.

7. Sewing

I got my sewing machine in June. I've been having fun learning, but so far I've stuck with really simple projects like pillows. The most complicated thing I've made was Allie's Little Red Riding Hood costume for Halloween. This year, I'd love to learn how to do some more challenging things and attempt some new projects.

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