Friday, December 7, 2012

Rag Ball Ornaments Tutorial

I made these simple ornaments for our family room tree. They were the perfect, unbreakable alternative to traditional glass ones, and add a nice rustic touch to the tree.

For these ornaments, you'll just need:
-3" styrofoam balls
-1/2" wide strips of fabric (You'll need about 3 yard long strips for each ornament)
-Hot glue
-Something to add as a hanger- I used jingle bells that had loops of rope already attached 

1. Glue your first fabric strip on.

2. Wrap around the ball; you'll want to slightly overlap each layer. When you come to the end of one fabric strip, glue it down then start another one.

3. When you get to your last bit of fabric, glue your bell or rope to the top of the ornament.

4. Glue the fabric over to secure.

5. Glue the final end of the fabric and you're done!

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