Thursday, December 6, 2012

Allie's Christmas Room

I can't believe that Allie's first Christmas is almost here! I have been looking forward to it so much in the last 10 months; actually I have been looking forward to my first Christmas as a mom for much longer than that. Her room was probably my favorite room to decorate in the whole house. I have always pictured putting a little Christmas tree in my child's room; later, she can decorate it with things that she makes or picks out herself. She loves everything I picked for her this year: soothing, soft, and touchable. Perfect for a baby.

Her tree has a simple angel on top, a fuzzy yarn garland, these adorable felted wool animals from West Elm, and some muslin and tulle stars that I made. She loves to take the animals off the tree and play with them.

I made a few cone trees for her nightstand: muslin ruffles, yarn, and twine.

I added a few simple touches to her bookshelf. I was originally going to hang the words on the tree, but I liked them better here.

I added a small boxwood wreath over the dresser and a stocking with some fresh greenery.

My absolute favorite thing ever: angel wings on her crib. Merry Christmas, little angel!



  1. 1. This is all gorgeous.
    2. How the heck fire do you have time for all of this domesticating with an active baby to chase after?? (maybe that's my late pregnancy malaise talking, wait, no, it's my underachieving spirit)
    3. Love the blog redesign.
    4. Could you please come down here and fix up my house for me?

  2. So clean and pretty! I feel like I could BREATHE in your house!

    Love the nursery!