Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Few Changes in Allie's Room

We recently made a few small changes in Allie's nursery. I love her room so much, but there were a few things about the furniture arrangement that weren't quite right. We also wanted to add a few more personalized touches, now that she's 8 months old, since we had decorated everything in her room before she was born.
Here is the room arrangment before:

I just didn't like the tall bookshelf in that corner. It made the room feel unbalanced somehow. Also, since I would like to start using the shelf to store toys, it made more sense to put the bookshelf near the rug so Allie has a play area.

I like the feeling of this side of the room much more now- the bookshelf creates a cozy little nook for the rocker.

Now the dresser is next to the closet, which works much better. I also changed and added some things on the wall here. The ribbon pinboard had been in this room since it was an office/craft room, but it didn't really work in a nursery. I had pictured putting family photos there, but they wouldn't stay up, I didn't want to put pushpins in a baby's room, etc. So. I cut the ribbons off of the pinboard and turned it into a shadowbox of sorts. This little pink dress is from Allie's first Easter; it was my first Easter dress as well so it's very special.

I added two new frames next to it. Inside the top frame is a beautiful, tiny rosary that Allie received for her Baptism from her great-aunt.
In the other frame, there is a engraved silver shell that her godparents gave her for her Baptism, and a silver dove pendant from her aunt.

I love how just moving some furniture and repurposing some things can change the feeling of a whole room.

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